BREAKING: US Draws Battle Line With Nigeria Over Rampage Against Freedom Of Press, Expression

In a bid to reign-in the rampaging regime in Nigeria, bent on suppressing the Freedom of the Press and expression, the United States Congress warns Nigeria government on its attempt to close media space, hate Speech Bill, Social Media Regulations, indiscriminate arrest of journalists/protesters and disobedience to court orders.

The United States Congress has expressed strong reservation over attempts to close media space by the Buhari led APC Federal Government.

The Congress frowned at the indiscriminate arrest, torture and harassment of journalists and non-violent protesters by the Nigeria Security Agents.

The Congress also accused the government of Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC of violating the African Charter on Human and People’s Right.

It urged President Buhari and the APC to obey the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and advised the government to stop all actions geared towards gagging the media, freedom of speech and muscling of political oppositions in the country.

The warning was signed by Robert Menendez, US Senator and Josh Gotheimer, Member of Congress

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