Obaseki: Season of Repentance For APC

By Comr Moses Abdullahi

Politics is not a game of gamblers but a complex association of team players whose political opportunities are dim or bright depending on the calculations and affiliations. The reward for selfless service is gradually effacing from the dictionary of the All Progressive Congress (APC) a party we constructively inputted our best material and intellectual resources to build amidst strive, antics, critics and loyalty. Today, our remaining gain is the bargain of mixed feelings and the ugly fight for dirty supremacy which is needless in all sense of reasoning.

Yesterday, I watched with glee the disqualification of a sitting Governor in Edo State. Obaseki was hurriedly disqualified from flying the party’s ticket. It is time the crossbreed of APC National Leaders arise to quash this ugly trend before it will be too late to correct our errors. Party leaders and faithful must learn to separate power from interest because personal rancour is fast drifting our beloved party into oblivion.

The organizational structure of a ruling party must not equate factions and cabal due to over bloated ego and personal pursuit. The APC is not a family business but a party that saved Nigerians from 16 years of hopelessness. Tragically, as a party, we have relaxed too long and battling in drowning waters to save the last breath. Without mincing words we should come together to fashion how to sustain the tempo else we may conduct illegitimate funerals without noticing.

In 21st century politics, the antidote of killing individual interest in any political party is unity. Party loyalist should cultivate the habit of working in unison because our beloved party is gradually becoming a house divided against itself. We must tell ourselves the bitter truth. For how long are we going to shy away from the truth because we are scared of stepping on the big toe? Let our action speak before the next General Poll in 2023 else we may not recover from our mistakes. The APC is becoming too vulnerable amidst taunts from the opposition because we are failing the drill and it is too early to surrender.

It is time to go back to the drawing board. Godwin Obaseki should be the last sacrificial lamb because as party faithfuls we are all seeking for repentance. We have all sinned and come short of our party glories if we continue to shoulder attitudinal defects of irresponsibility. The way forward is what we need at this juncture but we must first bury our differences because it is getting too late.

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