The reason for your poverty is in you

By Abdulrahman Abu Hamisu

I’ve read people severally who blame their poverty or unemployment on government or that uncle, aunty, brother and friends that refused to help. I’m yet to read anyone that blame self as the source of their own poverty. One thing for sure since the history of the world is this; man has learnt to blame everyone and everything else except himself/herself

This failure to blame oneself, more than anything else, has been responsible for most failures. You see life is a jungle and a struggle. What you think and do matter most for either your success or failure.
The propellers of success are inner drives and self evaluation and criticism or criticisms of others that are either highly knowledgeable more than you or more experienced. But this is what we don’t like. We love praises, not criticism. Unfortunately,where there is no criticism, there will be no changes. And where there are no changes there will be no innovation, development and advancement. Learn to either criticise self or accept criticism of people around you. This is good for you. I sometimes ask my honest friends to critique me. The purpose is for me know what needs to change.
The second problem has to do with what we think and do with our time. You can’t spend your time chatting about the rich men and women in Africa and expect to be the Dangote of our time. It is not possible. Or read fictions or watch movies that has no any practical impact on you, your business and well-being when you are suppose to be reading books that either develop your skills further or horn the skills. These are failure factors.
The last one is attitudes. I can’t do this. I can’t do that. Previously, no graduate will agree to become a taxi driver. Now we have them and they are proud of their jobs because they are earning a living from it. It doesn’t matter the job, it is the earning, the self-reliance and the beauty of being free to decide your future. Remember no rich man got rich by sitting idle, doing nothing. What you think is what you are. Ideas, they said, rule the world and it is in your. Search yourself today for one and you would be glad you did. Good morning.

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