How President Obasanjo forced Audu Ogbe to resign at gun point

“Because I challenged OBASANJO on some of his policies, all of a sudden, he rushed down to my house unannounced, requested for pounded yam.

He came with all the fully armed security agents you can think of. My family was in serious panicking mood.

After the meal, he washed his hands and brought out a letter asking me to read and sign.

As I was reading, I saw it was my Resignation Letter as the PDP Chairman written by Obasanjo himself, a drop of water fell from my eyes, as I looked up, the security guards moved closer, I requested to go inside and get a pen, Obasanjo instantly brought out a pen from his pocket, ‘this is pen sign it immediately”.

I signed and he told me ‘Chairman, you know that for what you said today, you shouldn’t be my Chairman again…”

I remained dumb until he left.

Thirty minutes after, he came again, I thought they wanted to kill me, I went to meet him outside, he brought out the letter and said ‘you didn’t put date there, oya write today’s date below your signature’. I did and he left.

It was a traumatic night for me and my family.”

  • Audu Ogbe
    Culled- George Udom

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