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By Kola Omisore

They say Tinubu is a greedy and over-ambitious man, his first party ticket he gave it to Atiku, the second one he gave it to Ribadu, third one he gave it to Buhari. Both Atiku and Ribadu were to later move to PDP while Tinubu remained in opposition. Who then is over-ambitious?

He strategized and survived in opposition for more than sixteen years while others were jumping shamelessly from one party to the other. He gave Mr President the pedestal to attain his ambition, but is now labeled as the number one enemy of PMB by the wailers; the same people who felt Buhari could never be President. They all rushed to pay OBJ allegiance forgetting he brought GEJ to power and brought him down. But Tinubu brought Fashola and many others to power and never brought any of them down, despite their perceived differences.

Lest I forget, we should never bite the hands that feed us. We might come back to lick the boot that kicked us.

All hail Jagaban!”
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