Death of Exponent Of Universality of Brotherhood

” The best of men cannot suspend their fate; the good die early and the bad die late”( poet Daniel Dafoe)
Just as your death was antithesis of longevity, last Sunday was mixed bag of joy and sorrow for me;two components of wheel of life. I had a joyful worship in the blessedness of God’s presence only to return home and receive the rude shock of the death of my cousin,Paul Enojo Isah who took brotherhood beyond the frontiers kinship. It may be too early to feel the pain of the vacuum Polly left behind. But having utilised the opportunities offered by the organised private sector, Polly promoted generosity of heart where there was lack in the lives of those who came his ways, a gregarious man who knew the value and essence of friendship,a burden bearer in his own right and businessman with strong international bearing. The earthly space had limited time for him .As if he knew, he completed his earthly assignment and died after brief illness on July 5,2020. He will be buried in his country home Inwa Imane on August 14,2020 after a Virgil on August 13. OMA Oguche Akluma rest in peace.Good night,Polly. Don’t worry,all that live must die ,passing through nature to eternity.

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