Ídú (different from the pronuciation as Idu as lion) is an Igala word or name meaning task, work or responsibility. Ídú Okoliko according oral sources was said to be one of the wives of Attah Abutu Ejeh, the Attah Igala after Attah Olema II and before Attah Amichi (Ebulejonu). Just like Ideya, the wife of Attah Ayegba Oma Idoko who was buried at Okpachala ogbagbada due to her kind of evil related death, when ídú Okoliko died, she was taken down to around the side of the popular Ega market in Idah where she was buried. It is just about 0.2Km from the location where Princess Inikpi was buried alive during Igala-Benin war of 1515-1516.It was found out that after some days after her burial, the dry land started get wet little by little until the area became a river.But in Igala land, every strange occurrence must be investigated spiritually. And, the Attah diviner, the Ohioga Attah, who is the one in charge of Ifa had to consult the oracle on request of Attah Abutu Ejeh.It was then the woman revealed to Ohioga Attah that she turned to water to heal people of sickness, washes barred womb, cleanse People, and for general protection where her water is taken to as a deity or goddess. Till date, the Idu Okoliko river or goddess is very effective.The traditional ruler in charge of Ídú Okoliko is titled Onu Ídú Okoliko, and is greeted Awuhi Attah. HRH Chief Gambo Ahmadu Ibrahim is the present Onu Idu Okoliko. The goddess is still with the Agaidoko clan of Illah-Delta state till date. The deity is also with Igala people of Igara-Edo state and in different families who believe in her and that she is working for them across different communities.That is not all, in respect of the cleansing power of Ídú Okoliko river, any Igala traditional Ruler beaded newly must go to the water and dip his or leg inside in order to get cleansed and be protected from future evil in the course of the ruling role. This is irrespective of the person’s religion as this is a mandatory aspect of the installation. Sick people still bath in it till date and they get healed only if the believe, sources told me.Have you been to this healing river? You don’t need to bath or insert your leg into it, just visit her, yes, visit the human turned River and see it yourself. Notify me to let our Tourist Guard accompany you and give you the full lecture.God bless Igala Kingdom.(From my book: Introduction To Igala Culture and Tourism)#Igala_touristpoint5 
Amb Ayegba A. A.Teacher, Researcher and Igala Culture/Tourism Expert

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