Dunamis Church Mararaba Central In Thanksgiving Mood, Marks 16th Anniversary, Urges Christians To Be Thankful

Speaking at the service, Pastor Oche said, its been 16years of liftings, Gods blessings, Favours, transformations, consistent and continuous increase. He said, the church is here to thankGod for what he has done for them, if the congregation cannot count, they cannot thank, count your blessings name them one by one then you will remember what the Lord has done, He further stressed that, he is aware of several churches that were planted from Dunamis Mararaba Central, Pastors that were raised from here, several people that God bless from here on the account of this church with children, cars, houses, health, breakthroughs in offices, admissions, jobs etc that is why we are here essentially to say Lord we are thankful.

At certain junctions of life, you don’t pretend, you need to acknowledged that, God has done something, He charged the congregation to acknowledge God’s doings in their lives, its not going to be business as usual because they must let God know that, they can’t take him for granted.

Pastor Oche took his text from Psalm 103 and 105:12, He said God has forgiven them of all their iniquities and healeth them from all their diseases and redeemeth their lives from destruction (BokoHaram, bomb blast, accident, kidnapping etc), He said several people came into this year and they are no longer alive but they are here standing on their feet, Also, he said, there are people that are alive but they couldn’t eat because of sickness but that they are alive and have appetite to eat, God has been fighting some invincible battle for them and there are several battle He won for them that they couldn’t even see, God is slow to anger and plenteous in mercy as the heaven is higher than the earth so also is the mercy of God towards us otherwise some of us would have been dead by now, Even when Mararaba Central is small, God has been with them because God has been winning their battles for them and their numbers have tremendously increased now. For all these, It calls for thanking God irrespective of their situations.

He urged the congregation to lift up their hands to celebrate and love God.

Also speaking at the 16years anniversary of the church, The following church members has these to say;

Mr Daka Terseer, A member of the workforce team said, He is privilege to be member of this commission, branch and would want to thank God for this 16years anniversary because its been so awesome, wonderful, We have seen the almightiness of God here like never before, 16years of feelable, marvelable, tangible presence of God, we have seen the drastic shift from number zero to thousand he can’t mention and counting more because we have seen a shift where the numbers was just a hundred and today, we are glad to be counting in thousands targeting millions by the grace of God. It has not only been in numbers but impactful one to everyone and the immediate environment.

Mr Silas Ogbu, Head of the protocol department, said, It has been from glory to glory, grace to grace, since the church was planted 16years ago and all the pastors posted to this branch have been wonderful who God has used in transforming the lives of the people and till this moment, The church has not recovered from the monumental growth because we have seen where tattered, battered, shattered and scattered destinies are put together again by the mercy of God through the vessels God has sent to the branch over the years and we want to appreciate God for it.
Ogbu further said, The church has empowered the people, dwellers and the community in several ways like; capacity building, developing infrastructural and social amenities for the community like construction of road, sinking of boreholes etc.

James Ojogba, The accountant of the church said, Since the church was planted 16years ago, the first pastor was Pastor King Oloche, Pastor Akase to Dr Mrs Becky Enenche down currently now to Pastor Bartholomew Oche.
Just like the bible said “On this rock i will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail” Things that happen in this church is quite amazing in terms of the achievement and stride the church has witness particularly the transformation of the lives of the people and the whole community at large.

Elakeche Enokela, A member of the protocol department said, For the past 16years, God has been faithful because it has been from one stage of progress, growth to the other in terms of human development, infrastructural development and massive impact in the lives of people in this place because many lives has been transformed for as many that have come in contact with the church and one of the greatest achievement to me in the church is the transformation of lives and this church in particular has not been the same ever since it started 16 years ago.

Jonas Uzuchukwu, The chief security officer of head of the security unit said, the church has achieved a lot both physically (build schools, empowered the people & community) and Spiritually (winning and harvesting of souls from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of God) all to the glory of God.

Key highlight of the 16years anniversary was the empowerment of some members of the church with physical, material, financial and means of livelihood.

Pastor Oche prayed for the recipients of the church’s empowerment and declared an end to COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing that, “There Shall Be No Loss”.

He said the Church will always care for the Spiritual, physical and material wellbeing of members and enjoined privileged ones to do likewise.

Adding that, “As we do so, Drastic, Dramatic & Dimensional Supernatural Shift shall be our portion in Jesus name.”

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