Online Seminar Between China and Nigeria Successfully Concluded

The 10-day online “Seminar on Integrated Development of Culture and Tourism for Nigeria in the Post-Pandemic Era successfully concluded on September, 2020. The Seminar is hosted by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of P.R. China, organized by Central Academy of Culture and Tourism Administration. 41 Nigerian participants include senior officials from Federal Ministry of Information & Culture, as well as directors, staff members, cultural celebrities from National Council For Arts And Culture, FCT Dept. of Arts & Culture, National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Nigeria, Nigerian National Tourism Development Corporation, Youth Tourism Development Organization, University of Abuja, National Institute For Cultural Orientation, the HAVIS Centre, Culture and Tourism Investment Concepts Limited, Community Development and Education Aid Initiative, etc…Mr. Li Xuda, Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, Mrs. Awe Grace Omotayo, Director of FCT Dept. of Arts & Culture, and Mr. Yu Chuncheng, Director of the International Exchange Department of  Central Academy of Culture and Tourism Administration were present at the closing ceremony.

Online Seminar 
In his speech, Counsellor Li point out that he always focus on Closer People-to-People Ties between China and Nigeria. In his eyes, both China and Nigeria are great countries with long history and rich culture, the history of our two countries shows us that civilization thrives with openness and nations prosper through exchange. Faced with COVID-19 since early this year, China and Africa have withstood the test of a severe challenge, both sides have offered mutual support and fought shoulder to shoulder with each other; the traditional friendship between our people have been significantly strengthened.

Counsellor Li delivers a speech
Counsellor Li emphasize that the success of this online seminar is really a good try and a very good beginning for the cultural and tourism exchange and cooperation between China and Nigeria since People always say that Well begun is half done. The last 10-days’ cloud seminar provides us a platform to learn from experts, listen to their valuable insights and creative ideas on Integrated Development of Culture and Tourism for Nigeria in the Post-Pandemic Era. Through the seminar, mutual learning will be promoted, mutual understanding will be enhanced especially at this trying time. 
Counsellor Li state that under the current situation, we still have a long and tough journey ahead of us, and this journey can be covered only by taking one step at a time. This successful online seminar is like one step we just took, so let’s go all out, go forward bravely along this right way to take more steps, to pursue our Chinese dream and Nigerian dream, to build a community with a shared future for China and Africa!

Mrs Omotayo gives a remark
Mrs Omotayo believes that all participants have all done well through the 1–day seminar. It is indeed a great pleasure that all participants had fruitful discussions through this period, that I am tempted to say the days were not enough. Thank you for the very beautiful insights and amazing exposures during the lectures. She is convinced that this seminar without doubt, has done so much to further strengthen the already existing diplomatic ties between our two great countries – China & Nigeria, and the purpose of the seminar has been completely accomplished. 
In addition, the positive outlook of the programme revealed that Chinese lecturers made careful & adequate preparations, putting in great efforts for effective delivery of the day to day topics well ahead of time. All efforts at putting this together has definitely served as an eye opener to the tourism sector, which has been waiting for refreshing ideas on how to cope with the post COVID19 era. We are indeed heading towards an era of diverse ways of stabilizing cultural tourism as tool for national growth.
Mrs. Omotayo stated that Nigerians shall be taking an in-depth look into their cultural relics, scenery, traditional architecture and to further research into heritage sites and tourism development as starters into innovative ideas in this post COVID19 period. Having learned a lot from the seminar and with better understandings of the creative strategies that China has so effectively deployed, she is sure the future of Tourism in Nigeria will definitely see better days ahead.

Mr. Yu Chuncheng delivers a speech
On behalf of Central Academy of Culture and Tourism Administration, Mr. Yu Chuncheng deeply appreciated all efforts and contributions made by all parties. He said that in face of COVID-19, the cloud seminar really promoted the cultural and tourism exchange between China and Nigeria, it served as a bridge of knowledge, a bridge of cooperation and a bridge of friendship.                                  

 (Photo and article by Wang Guiping)

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