As Ekwe Searches for Atta…

Ekwe Masquerade is an embodiment of Atta Igala. They both enjoy equal dues as rulers and are at all times expected to care for each other. As equals, Ekwe is the only entity that joins Atta to use umbrella in the palace. In fact, when Ekwe comes to the palace, Atta’s praise singers and trumpeter will abandon Atta and start singing same praises for Ekwe.

A significant part of an Atta’s funeral ritual is Ekwe’s continuous visit to Atta’s palace which started yesterday.

Once an Atta passes away, Ekwe will commence the symbolic visit like we witnessed yesterday.

When Ekwe arrives the palace, there will be no Atta to attend to him, there will be no praise singer and no trumpeter. A disappointed Ekwe will return to his palace at Okete Enefola, only to return to the palace after few days to see if Atta has returned.

This visit will continue until Ekwe will decide to report the disappearance of Atta to Goddess Inikpi, this will certainly be on an Ega market day and Ekwe will thrill traders.

I hope to inform you the day the beautiful Ekwe will visit Goddess Inikpi

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