A Touching Story Christopher Allen, An Uncommon Suvivor

One year ago today, i was told by Shands Hospital “I’m sorry Mr. Allen there’s nothing else we can do for you. I think it’s time to call your family and have them come up and say goodbyes we’re giving you at least 72 hours”. 
Hearing that news everything Flash before my eyes. I knew it was the end. I believe in God but I also believed in God’s will. As my family and friends came, i watched them cry, I cried, and they said goodbyes. I wanted to ask God why I thought I had a purpose. But I knew that deep down he wasn’t done with me yet. I was so confused. Everyday felt a closer day away.But I stand here today to tell you God will sit you down to get you right. No matter how painful oh how hard it is He will put you in a place of Correction to perfect His will. When in doubt and when in fear look to the Hills. For we serve a God of a second chance. No matter how hard it gets now I know that there is nothing too hard for God. You can’t tell me that God isn’t real. All I can say is thank you God I am here. thank you God I am here. thank you God I am here.,
Christopher Allen.

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