Yesterday in Anyigba, a Prayer Walk was disrupted and participants beaten up and injured – by idiots who insist that the land belongs to them, and that Christians have no citizenship rights here. That stance is not new, nor is it limited to Anyigba. Some cow-brained people have in fact for years told themselves that Kogi State belongs to them and to their wild intolerant faith-kin, and sworn that no Christian would ever govern this state. And considering that during elections in Kogi State, the Christians have always formed the bulk of the crowd rooting foolishly for one alhaji after another, I don’t totally blame these unreasonable people. I blame the Christian community also. It is sad that in a land where we are definitely not a minority, we have permitted our oppressing through naivety. These are issues to be addressed at another time.
Back to what happened yesterday, it was indeed the height of arrogant disregard for both the rights of the prayer walk participants and the rule of law. To actually storm the grounds of the church and beat up people kneeling in prayer is most reprehensible to say the least!Ishaq Okolo and his fellow miscreants must be duly prosecuted. How shocking to hear that this same thug is aspiring to be elected as Chairman of his Local Government! Bishop (Dr.) John Ibenu and the Christian leadership in Kogi State must not let this pass without due action. We live as free citizens, protected by and subject to the rule of law. If any group of people wants to live like beasts, they should go find some jungle where they can live by themselves and freely manifest their animal dispositions. Enough of this nonsense!

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