Dr Saka Haruna Audu, I share your grief…

If what vandals did to the medical store in Kogi didn’t wreck your heart, nothing indeed would. I watched in horror how a giant warehouse that served as custody for medical equipment was brought down to a rumble by vandals. How did the search for food items end up at the domain of medical warehouse? Only time shall tell. I joined those who applauded citizens who invaded warehouses where palliatives were kept, the people went for what was procured to be theirs! What still irks me is the invasion of the Kogi medical store.

In that store existed one of the latest made of MRI machine, in fact, Kogi happened to be one of the few states with this life-saving machine. Like a bubble, the remains of the machine lay in scattered waste as the vandals obviously have no use for it.

Medical consumables worth over N2 billion gone with the vandals, the tragedy of the invasion is that these drugs have no market value. These are drugs for immunisations, HIV/AIDs treatment donated to the state by donor agencies – right now the state will be faced with medical emergencies as the routine immunisation exercise for babies and children under five would be halted as the vaccines are not procured from the counter. In fact, the customized refrigerators that sustain the cold chain even when these vaccines are brought have been turn into a debris. The cold room stands in carcass as every component in it have been dismantled and taken away. Again, what is the economic value of HIV/Aids drugs that are given to patients free? Why take what have no use for you dan Allah?

The Commissioner of Health, Dr Saka Haruna while briefing pressmen broke down in tears as he reeled out the remains of what he has been building over the years. So emotional was he that he cried out in anguish, typical of us, he is now the bout of jokes, jeers and sneers. In him, they have found catalogue of memes and because we are a people that gloat over others’ misfortune, we ride on triumphantly in our mischief.

Dear Doctor Saka, I share your grief, I sympathize with you and your team. This is one of the bullets that come with public service. Take it and brace up for nothing good is achieved without cynicism. What happened in Kogi was pathetic, it takes a constricted heart not to cringe. Pathetically musing


  • Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice

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