My World Greatest is 50 By Haruspice

Everyman is inspired by someone, that I am a reference in my small cocoon is a testimony that someone padded me to where I am today. In the time of excruciating realities when everything seemed dead ,he came with a key of life extricating me from the constricted grip of uncertainty.

It’s difficult to get the right words to describe a good man because you end up seeing such words as undeserving of his greatness. You hope there are infinite vocabularies to aptly paint your subject on the rainbow of greatness.

Sir Niyi Ojuolape came to my life and redefined it to perfection. He lifted me from the doldrums of depression, hopelessness and gave the worth of being a man. His rehabilitating effort is the me you see today. He gave me back the pride of life.

How can you say thank you to a man who is a sacrificial attraction to everyone. He is a volume of generosity same way he is an ocean of humility. Never seen a humble man like this enigma. As a boss, he tutored you on your job without sounding bossy and point out your shortcomings with waiting suggestions.

Sir Niyi aka Neyo as you add another year to your fascinating existence, I want to join millions to say you are an inspiration, a pathfinder and mentor to us. We love you as we are proud of you. We admire your life and we are poise to tow your path.
Happy birthday to the man who put me on the plane for the first time. ..
Happy birthday to my World Greatest!
Happily musing

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