The Full Import of the #EndSARS Protest By Abdulrahman Abu Hamisu

1. While we are yet to understand the full import and impact of #endsars protest, the forces it unleashed are still at work as I typed this. 
2. They have looted and continued to loot justifying their action with the cry that government doesn’t care. It is true government doesn’t care. But did the actions of the looters show that they care? If they care, they would insisted that government should share the pallaitive. Not to loot it is such a way that shows greed? Where is the difference between your greed and the greed of the politicians? 
3. The looting has unveiled the character content of Nigeria and Nigerians. This will lead to new a Visa regime that is strident and discriminating. No nation will like to welcome greedy unruly people that are grossly indiscipline. Our so-call poor but discipline neighbours are now having good laugh. We are doomed except we make amend. 
4. We just shattered our image before the international community. This will hunt us for a very long time. Greed is not a virtue just as criminality is not a badge of honour. We are in for very a long bumpy ride to sanity, if we can get it back soon. 
5. The Nigerian civil society has shot itself in the foot in the event that it cannot back up its claims of massacre with hardcore evidence. Based on its assertion, most countries and personalities had stake their integrity to condemn what it refers to as  ‘Lekki massacre’ based on evidences that are beginning to be increasingly discovered to be fake.  If it is true that the evidences are false as many are claiming now, it means these countries and personalities would find it difficult to believe information of this nature coming out of Nigeria next time. This means that we have succeeded in shooting ourselves in the foot.
6. The justification of the looting of pallaitive and government properties were said to be hunger. Now it has moved from looting of government to private citizens’ properties. This is what results from praising of sordid deeds. It started with government. We never cared thinking it won’t get to us. Now it is with us. We are now crying foul. No. It is not yet time to cry foul. I saw a quote somewhere which to me is laced with wisdom. The quote noted that a country that must go to war with its police force should have make peace with its criminals. In our case, we went to war with our police force without making peace with our own criminals. The results are now with us – almost full blown anarchy. 
7. Lastly, it is extremely very important to be careful of what we wish for. For it may end up coming back to us. The consequences and backlashes of th SARS we ended is now coming back in a manner that threaten our existence.
God saves us from ourselves. Ameen. 

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