HRH Chief Ekele Musa Atodo Atabo Ijomi has said that the prophecy of Attah Ameh Oboni I, that when his son becomes the Attah Igala, all Igala People irrespective of their locations across the world will be reunited as one had been fulfilled. The chief who the is the one burying the late Attah added that it was never known before the time of Attah Idakwo Ameh Oboni II that indigenous Igala people are in Onitsha or Rivers state or Delta… or outside Nigeria like India, Kenya, Brazil, …let alone participating in the burial of Attah Igala in Idah, headquarters of Igala people. It can be recalled that during Eji-enyi (calico presentation), the United Igala Kingdom which is the umbrella body of all indigenous Igala people and sister tribes in FCT and twenty nine states of Nigeria and beyond provided their own Okpe (calico) as a group while some communities presented their individual Okpe for the burial of Attah. The Obi of Onya; Obi Sunday Akazue provided the Okpe for and on behalf of Illah Igala (Azanoma group) of Delta state, Chief Paul Opili (Onu Ebu) for and on behkalf of Ebu people of Delta State, Akor Obiechina Emmanuel (Akor of Aika Ezeolu)  for and on behalf of Aika Ezeolu kingdom of Delta State, Akor (Dr) Osita Onwuka 1 (Akor of Oko Kingdom) for and on behalf of Oko Kingdom of Delta state, Obi (Dr) Benibe Ugboko for and on behalf of Asagba of Asaba and Asaba Igala people of Delta state, Mr Clement Egwuje for and on behalf of Ifeku Island Igala of Edo state, Prince Peter Ogagbor for and on behalf of Ilushi Igala of Edo state, Chief Joseph Ikwuje (Ada-Ewa of Ai’Inamu) for and on behalf of Ai’Inamu clan of Iyiru Orokam Benue state, Chief Christopher Ajodo for and on behalf of Ogurugu people of Enugu state, Mr Ramamoorthy Kutumpan for and on behalf of Attah people of Pandya Kingdom, Tamil Nadu of India, Chief Areh Ikechukwu (Gbosa-obi of Onitsha) for and on behalf of Onitsha Igala people of Anambra state, Prince Chibueze Agbo for and on behalf of Izhia people of Ebonyi state, Mr Odufele Jeremiah for and on behalf of Igbedor people of Anambra state, Mr Stephen Anyebe for and on behalf of Olachagbaha Clan, Otukpa, Benue state.The Odekina Attah then thanked the president of the United Igala Kingdom, and the General Igala Ambassador of Attah Igala, Amb Ayegba Abdullahi Adojoh for the coordination and the Igala reconnection assignment, asked him to continue the work already handed to him by Attah Idakwo Ameh Oboni II. The event had thousands of Igala in attendance.

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