The Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN), an umbrella body of northern filmmakers (popularly known as Kannywood) is deeply concerned about the recent pictures shared by the Kannywood’s controversial star, Rahama Sadau on the social media. The said pictures are trending on various social media platforms.

The post has however sparked a lot of criticisms, which resulted to blasphemous comments against the holy Prophet of Islam – Muhammad (SAW) on twitter and other social media handles. This, according to the MOPPAN national secretariat, is condemnable and unacceptable.

It will be recalled that on 2nd October, 2016, the apex body of northern filmmakers have dismissed the embattled Sadau from the industry, in violation of the association’s rules and regulations for immoral behaviours leading to ‘on-screen hug with a certain hip-hop star, Classic.

After two years into the dismissal, the Kano State Censorship Board (KSCB), through its boss, Mallam Isma’il Na’Abba Afakkallah, on 8th January 2018, gave Rahama an unconditional pardon, to join her peers in Kannywood, a move that was countered by the state’s branch of MOPPAN, on 15th January, 2020 by its chairman, Mallam Kabiru Maikaba.

In this prevailing circumstance, MOPPAN is hereby re-iterating its initial stand on RAHAMA SADAU, and calling all other Kannywood guilds and associations to ensure compliance. It also calls on all professional bodies in Kannywood, the Hausa communities and the Diaspora, to note that it has dissociated itself from Rahma Sadau’s insolence.

Meanwhile, the association has assured Nigerians, more especially its audience, that these are necessary steps taken to ensure all its stakeholders adhere to industry best practices, in accordance with ethics of the profession.

Al-Amin Ciroma
National P.R.O

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