A Scintillating Analysis of US Presidential Election

By Ahmed Musa Husaini

“Once again, Donald Trump defies the pollsters and turn an assured Biden victory into a protracted dogfight. This shows that his 2016 victory was no fluke. Despite his blundering incompetence, bigotry and political opportunism, he still managed to send a message that resonates with large section of the American public.

If Trump were to lose this election, it is still a victory considering how he improves his 2016 performance among Blacks, Latinos, Women and any other demographic with the exception of white men, among whom he underperforms his 2016 figures by 5%. This also shows how the racial minorities are coming of age politically and they are no longer willing to unconditionally offer their votes to a democratic party that – over the years – has offered them nothing but platitudes.

If we end up with a Biden victory, it is still a disappointing outing for Democrats. They failed to flip the senate and they also see the narrowing of their house majority. This is not surprising because there’s nothing exciting about Biden’s candidacy. Only 63% of Biden voters say they voted for him because of who he is and what he stands for, compared to 84% among Trump supporters.

This election may set the Democrats for failure in the 2022 midterms and the 2024 general elections unless they do some soul searching. They may end up losing control of both chambers during midterms and pave the way for a Republican comeback in 2024. The GOP are effective political executioners and will do everything to frustrate a Biden presidency any breathing space and put them in bad position in 2022 and 2024.

The truth is, the Democrats offer no real plan or vision except platitudes. They failed to excite their traditional base nor make significant inroads into new constituencies. We have seen the enthusiasm among Trump supporters during the campaign and without Trump mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, it would be a Trump landslide in all its glory.

The only force that could match Trump’s excitement is Bernie Sanders, who was twice blackmailed and rigged out of the Dem primaries. The claim that Bernie’s socialist inclination could spell doom for Dem’s chances is merely a political blackmail by the mainstream Dems to foreclose the chance of Bernie’s candidacy. This claim is disputed by the manner the Squad (OAC, Ilhan, Rashida and Pressley) won their respective challenges with remarkable ease.

The Dem party needs to do some soul searching going forward. They have lost touch with their core constituencies and need to rediscover their purpose in American politics. If they fail to do that, they would be unrecognizable post-2024, paving the way for longterm Republican dominance in US politics. If that happens, they have only themselves to blame.

If Trump loses this election, he has already sealed his place as the most consequential American president of his generation. He has filled 1/3 of the US Supreme Court, setting up a generation of conservative dominance in the judiciary. More importantly, he has disrupted US politics in an unprecedented way, and the impact of his presidential decisions (from Iran Nuclear deal to ACFTA, Israel Palestine to Russia) will continue to echo long after he’s gone.

Welcome to the age of Donald Trump!”

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