It is true that strikes are legitimate hence demanding for a right.
However, when one takes an appointment or is employed he/she is sure of monthly earning. Note that this monthly take-home is in agreement with the service you tendered at the end of each month.
I wish to draw the attention of ASUU to stop dictating to Federal Government, especially on the issue of payment platform. The idea behind IPPIS is to institute accountability, probity and stamp out corruption in the University system. Mark you our universities must be able to stand by themselves academically not to unnecessary engaged in or depend on the unpopular visiting lecturers. It doesn’t usher well and must be discouraged.

In respect of the revitalization of Universities, Nigeria Government has established National Universities Commission (NUC) with the sole aim of regulating and providing all the necessary support of the Universities to make them a world class standard.

ASUU instead to protest against the three (3) months degree certificates obtained by many lazy Nigerian from Benin Republic (Cotonou) but here are they keeping our innocent hardworking Students at home for over right (8) months claiming demanding for revitalization of Universities which the NUC sister agency, the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) are trying it best to fix the infrastructural deficits.

Now the question is, is it right for one to claim money for the service he/she did not render at the end of the month? I believe we are all religiously wise, is there any justification that religion allow us to eat unlawful money (Haram)? My advice to ASUU is that they should endeavor to avoid receiving salaries during the strike as it is against both religious doctrines. Employees can only claim and collect legitimate monies when services are genuinely rendered. Be Godly.

Finally, I equally wish to call the attention of the entire Nigerian Students in Public Institutions to rise up to the occasion by calling their striking lecturers to vacate University quarters until the dispute is resolved.


Comr. Sen. Amb. Luqman Musa Muhammad wrote from Jalingo, Taraba State.

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