Experts, Analyst Asks Nigerians To Be Good Ambassadors And Urge Government To Engage The Youths Meaningfully

The wife of the chairman of Soboms Nigeria Limited Mrs Comfort Benebo speaking at the inauguration and event titled ‘growing the Nigerian economy’ organized by Soboms Nigeria Limited asks Nigerians to be good ambassadors and urged the youths to be law abiding citizen, she expressed the confident that Soboms Nigeria will create a lot of jobs and reduce the unemployment challenges in the country. That she said would be done through advisory and management consultancy services by providing individuals and organizations (whether government or private) with ideas, plans, strategy, information, personnel and all assistance suited to establishing proper or improved administration and management”.

Mrs Comfort further indicated that Soboms Nigeria engages in Advisory, Consultancy, Logistics, Services and Trading.

Professor Emeka Ene of Baze University said there are a lot of opportunities for Nigerians particularly for the youths who are more than 70% of the Nigerian population.

According to him, the youths have their potentials and strength adding that one of the key things the youths should do is to ensure that, they contribute to being a force in having and demanding for good governance.

The executive secretary of the Association of Power Generation Companies Dr Joy Ogaji said, the economy at the moment is in need of such expertise like Soboms is currently giving and the generating companies of Nigeria will from time to time take ideas from Soboms Nigeria.

Emeka Silas Esq, said irrespective of your certificate, what will in actual sense help Nigerians particularly the youths is their skills what they know how to do outside the certificate.

Also speaking at event, The chief executive Soboms Nigeria Limited, Elder Boma Vincent Benebo urged Nigerian government to engage the youths meaningfully as no country can experience true development amidst crisis.
Speaking agaisnt the backdrop of recent #ENSARS protests that was hijacked by hoodlums leading to lost of lives and destruction of properties, he
urged Nigerian youths to be law abiding and engage the government positively on how some of their demands, policies and initiatives can be achieved.

Benabo who is a finalyst expert, analyst and former head of infrastructure finance, Central Bank of Nigeria spoke at the inauguration and event organized by Soboms Nigeria Limited.

Benebo said, there are several interventions and financial interventions, when the policies and guidelines are put down, however he observed that likely the conditions will be difficult for the youths to meet up with.

He urged the government to encourage Nigerians to be self reliant with necessary facilities, as the rich would be unable to sleep if the poor are hungry and awake.
“That is the state Nigeria finds itself today even the statistics from Nigeria bureau of statistics (NBS) from the second quarter is alarming.”

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