7 Reasons Why ‘Bitter Kola’ Is Dangerous To Your Health

Side Effects Of Bitter Kola1. Bitter kola is one of the major causes of mouth cancer. Different confirmed researches have proven that too much chewing kola nuts can result to mouth or gastrointestinal cancer.
2. Bitter kola is made up of a huge amount of caffeine, which is the why chewing of too much kola nut can be highly risky and unhealthy. It is advisable to reduce the rate of it’s consumption especially people with cardiovascular problems.
3. Bitter kola can cause glaucoma defects to the eyes. Too much kola nut can be harmful to the eyes, but a reasonable rate of consumption can help prevent Glaucoma.
4. Bitter kola is a wrong choice for anyone suffering from Diabetes. The Caffeine contents present in Bitter kola can add up incorrect sugar level in the body.
5. Bitter kola can deteriorate any case of diarrhea. If you eat too much kola nut when you have any diarrhea related problem, it can worsen the situation.
6. Bitter kola is capable of slowing down blood clotting. The local fruit can lead to problems related to blood flow control especially when an injury is suffered.
7. Bitter kola is also a major cause of anxiety. The nuts contain a number of components that can cause some unstable psychological state.

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