Prophet Bushiri, Wife Surrenders, Explains Escape To Malawi

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Malawian preacher and im wife Prophetess Mary don surrender to police for dia home kontri afta dem jump bail for South Africa.

Di couple surrender for Malawi capital, Lilongwe, on Wednesday morning, dey come after Interpol issue arrest warrant for dem.

Earlier dis month one South African court release dem on bail afta dem charge dem wit fraud and money laundering.

Prophet Bushiri tell im supporters for social media on Saturday say im decision to jump bail na because im don dey get death threats.

Inside one statement wey get 18 November date, di couple accuse South African authorities say dem no provide protection and say di trial fit dey unfair.

“I need to loud am say I no come Malawi to find political help. I come Malawi to seek justice before di Constitution of di Republic of Malawi”.

Di preacher wey bin dey based for South Africa, also personally accuse di SA Minister of Home Affairs Dr Aaron Motsoaledi say e declare dia permanent residency permit illegal and now di goment department don cancel dia right to work and live permanently for South Africa. But di minister neva reply.

Malawi major tori pipo NationOnline bin report on Wednesday afternoon say supporters of di preacher don already gather for di Malawian court wia im suppose appear to wait for am.

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