By United Igala Kingdom News Channel

Achadu Oko Attah Igala and the Prime Minister of Igala Kingdom, HRH Anu Ekele Achema, has felicitated with the indigenous Igala people of Brazil (The Nago Igala) as the observed the Black Awareness Day which is held annually on November 20, to celebrate black community in Brazil about their great work and contribution to the country. The Black Awareness Day also known as Black Consciousness Day and known as “Dia da Consciencia Negra” in Portuguese language began in the 1960s, and it is an official state holiday in areas like Alagoas, Amazonas, Amapa, ..
The monarch who is the second in command in Igala Kingdom after Attah Igala, made this call in his palace at Igala-Ogba (Igalogba), Idah, Kogi state, Nigeria. His Highness in a special way thanked the leader of Igala Nation in Brazil (Brazil Nago coordinator of the United Igala Kingdom), Mr William Oliveira (Ayankowa Obashana), for the preservation of Igala culture, Igala Ifa, and religion under the “Templo da Estrela Verde”, The Temple of Green star, built on the philosophy of Iye-Unyeji (The mother goddess of honour), in Jacarei, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
In the same way, Achadu Oko Attah Igala thanked Mr Ramamoorthy Kutumpan Mahalingam, and all Atta people of Pandya Kingdom, Tamil Nadu, India, for their participation in the burial of Agabaidu Idakwo Ameh Oboni II, which took place recently. He equally appreciated all the indigenous Igala communities across Nigeria outside Kogi state as well as the United Igala Kingdom Association (The Umbrella body of indigenous Igala people and sister tribes across the world) for their participation in the burial of Attah Idakwo Ameh Oboni II, especially in the presentation of calico (Okpe).
Anu Ekele also rejoiced for and with the indigenous Igala people of Cuba (Olukumi/Lucumi) and Haiti (Nago/Olukumi) for their reconnection to Idah, the headquarters of Igala Nation, adding that he looked forward to seeing them in Idah in the nearest future. He further appealed to them to continue to preserve their Igala cultures especially the Ocho and Igala religions, including the Ifa divination which is the link between Igala and the ancestors.
The Igala Kingdom Prime Minister who is now the traditional head of Igala Kingdom while Attah went hunting appreciated the effort of the General Igala Ambassador of Attah Igala (The Eju-Attah Igala), Amb Ayegba Abdullahi Adojoh, over the achievement so far recorded in the Indigenous Igala People Discovery and Reconnection assignment given to him by Attah Idakwo Ameh Oboni II since 2014, appealing that he should continue the work handed down to him by Agabaidu Idakwo, and to lead and coordinate the already discovered people all over the world as well as those that he is yet to discovered in a way that will pleases all Igala ancestors. He then prayed for his good health, God’s guidance and the protection by Igala ancestors whom he is working for.

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