“The Buhari in Us” And The Bad Blood From Home

By Abdullahi Yunusa Ochimane

I have read tons of reviews and comments on the yet to be released book, “The Buhari in Us”, authored by Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice. Expectedly, opinions are sharply divided on the necessity or otherwise of daring to write a whole book about a President Buhari that some Nigerians easily blame even for their personal failures. 
I am sure the writer wasn’t unaware of the backlash that would come when he first mooted the idea of writing the book. But do you trash an idea you are so convinced about simply because some people will feel uncomfortable with it? Never! 
The loudest hoopla, and perhaps the most offensive commentaries I have read since the cover of the book made it to the social media are from the writer’s home state, Kogi, and his native Igala kingdom to be precise. Uncultured young people with untamed tongues and blunt minds that hardly see anything good in others are busy offering jaundiced views on why the book shouldn’t have been written in the first place. Some even go the extent of suggesting titles for the book fa!
Some of them described the writer in terms that smack of envy, ignorance, jealousy and pure mischief. Stuffs like ” he is s beggar”, a ” hungry young man”, a “betrayal ” and someone who is “supporting evil”. I doubt if any of these characters know him beyond social media. 
An average Igala person views politics from a very narrow prism where he or she believes that no one should hold views that are contrary to his. One commentator said Haruna’s gravest offensive was his resolve to have supported Governor Yahaya Bello against his kinsman, Musa Wada in the last election. So, the criticisms are not largely about the book perse, but against Haruna’s resolve to align and endorse a candidate different from theirs.
Are Haruna’s traducers and vilifiers saying he doesn’t have the right to make his political choice? So, all the all Igalas that supported Bello are enemies of the Igala nation? Let’s be a bit logical and rational in our postulations. No one should be hounded or discriminated against for merely expressing his or her inalienable political choice.
Like I’ve noted elsewhere, the book is a huge contribution to the body of knowledge, and an audacious attempt to document contemporary happenings on the corridors of power for posterity, especially as it relates to the actions and inactions of major political players. 
If you aren’t comfortable with the entire book, the right and appropriate thing to do is to simply write yours. But condemning the book, and going further to recruit allies to swell the rank of chronic haters is senselessness taken beyond the remit of reasoning.

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  1. Is this a feature, an opinion or a diatribe? The guy just took advantage of this platform to show he can write English, even though in very ghastly syntax.
    I don’t want to even go into the book which is a useless piece of eye service and the most deplorable sycophantic emptiness.

    My main concern is the damage that this watery write up here would do to the brittle reputation of this platform. It would be seen as a joke that has lent itself to amplify the mediocrity that oozes out of Kogi state, a state where nothing useful has happened in the nearly 5 years of the present mediocre and catastrophic administration.

    A piece of advice; avoid posting trash by self seeking individuals or they’d crash your paper before long.


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