The Making Of New Attah Igala: Ameacho Ruling House Nominates Prince Samuel Opaluwa

One of the ruling houses in Igala kigdom, Aju Ameacho, has nominated a former manager at Central Bank of Nigeria, Prince Smauel Opaluwa as its preferred candidate for the coveted Attah stool.
At a meeting convened in Idah on Thursday by the head of the Aju Ameacho ruling house, Prince Jacob Yahaya Etu, a retired Deputy Commissioner of Police, the stakeholders said they have screened, interviewed and considered the three main candidates who indicated interest in the stool.
Prince Etu said, in accordance with Kogi state chieftaincy law and Igala native customs, it is the turn of Aju Ameacho ruling to produce the next Attah Igala.
Etu, addressing the stakeholders of the clan, said the family has unanimously agreed that Samuel Opaluwa, being the eldest among the sons of Opaluwa Oguche, a one time Attah Igala designate who indicated interest be nominated and presented to the other ruling houses as the Aju Ameacho choice for the stool.
Other candidates include Matthew Alhaji Opaluwa, a Director with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and Ocholi Opaluwa a high ranking customs officer.
He said the family had so far consciously acted in full compliance with Kogi State chieftaincy law, Igala Area Traditional Council (modification of Native Law and Customs) Order 2015 and traditional precedence which gives the exclusive right to nominate an Attah to the ruling family that is due to produce the Attah.
However, it was gathered that upon the declaration of the vacant stool of Attah Igala by the Achadu Oko Attah, about fourteen Princes from three ruling houses – Aju Ameacho, Aju Akogu and Aju Akwu – have submitted applications to the Prime Minister of Igala Kingdom who has forwarded 10 out the applications received for ‘Ita’ before the Igalamela Kingmakers for selection.
The ten princes shortlisted for the kingmaker’s consideration are:Usman AtodoEkele Atodo from the Aju Akogu ruling house,
Adejoh ObajeAbdullahi Musa from the Aju Akwu ruling house,
Igono AdajiOkoliko OpaluwaOcholi OpaluwaMathew OpaluwaSamuel OpaluwaIsah Achimugu from the Aju Ameacho ruling house.

-Kogi Reporters

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