Standtall Africa Initiative Seek Improved Education and Reading Culture

The Kano state Governor Umar Ganduje, speaking at the leadership and excellence award event organised by Standtall Africa initiative(STAi), in honour of some prominent Nigerians who have distinguished themselves and contributed to improve the standard of education in the country, highlighted the importance of imbibing reading culture and stressed the need for scholars to impact positive knowledge in young ones to enhance a better society.

The governor commended the STAi for all they have been doing, he also commended and appreciated Sheikh Kabiru Gombe for his contribution in preaching peace, he then urged other scholars and religious leader to do same.

The country representative of Standtall Africa Initiative (STAi) Dr Emmanuel Ogah calls for improved education and reading culture in the country, stressing that a country can hardly experience true development when the citizens hardly read and when its standard of education is poor.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja at the leadership and excellence award organized by STAi, Dr Ogah said he has been advocating for improvement of reading culture in the country; knowledge resides in the books, there is need for people to acquire and read books in order to get indepth knowledge in their chosen field of endeavours.

Dr Ogah stated, in its effort to improve reading culture and education “The Standtall Africa Initiative has distributed over 8 million textbooks and other relevant reading materials to schools and institutions in Nigeria, Chad, Ghana, Senegal, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso. Through STAi, the ongoing 10years effective reading campaign has given support to over 6,000 Lecturers across African Universities. Polytechnics and Colleges have been empowered and positively affected via different educational projects, research grants, etc.

Dr Ogah further emphasized that, over 4,000 students and undergraduates are on study scholarships at different levels of study through STAi’s various scholarship projects under the nationwide effective reading campaign with over 15,000 teachers of primary and secondary schools equipped and empowered nationwide. In addition, over 10,000 young entrepreneurs are trained and financially empowered through STAi’s entrepreneurship development and empowerment projects. Also, over 12,000 top management leaders, managers, CEOs, directors, supervisors, etc are trained and well equipped through the STAi leadership institute for better delivery and performance.

On the recent FG/Asuu saga, Dr Ogar said, “in negotiation there must be shifting of grounds, when the parties remain static, it means there is no negotiation at all. He appealed to ASUU to find a way of moving since FG has moved by making an improved offer but we must say this to balance the equation. He stressed over the time that ASUU has trusted and believed the government but they have failed, i think anything that is worth doing is worth doing well. The strike has lingered for long now, and if they must call off the strike, it must be on the ground of certainties, it has to go beyond promises, signing of memorandum of understanding now, they must see the body language of the government as ready to implement anything they are promising at this point in time.

A paramount ruler of Eleme kingdom in Rivers State who was one of the honoree, Dr. Appolus Chu commended Standtall Africa initiative (STAi) for contributing their quota towards nation’s building. However, he called on the political leaders to invest in the young people as they are assets to the nation.

He charged the youths, leaders and political office holders to imbibe the culture of reading, stressing the need and importance of attending seminars, trainings and workshops which are catalysts that will improve and sharpen their skills.

The event witness several prominent dignitaries in attendance notably among them are; Kano state Governor Umar Ganduje, HRH Dr Appolus Chu, Senator Barau Jibrin, Sheikh Kabiru Gombe, Benue state commissioner of education Professor Dennis Ityavyar who represented the governor, Hon. Baba Acka, provost college of education Katsina Ala Mr Isav-wua Gborigo, President of National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Sen. Maj. Gen. Mohammed Magoro (Rtd), Professor Bello Bada amongst others.

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