By Comrade Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu

This pathetic condition which Elvis find himself spur me to advocate on his behalf. In a short but compact words, I narrated the poor orphan’s ordeals on the Facebook page of Salamotu Dosumu Foundation, a Lagos prestigious and famous NGO based in La. The prestigious organization which was founded by a selfless philanthropist, Alhajat Mrs Shakirat Idowu, is well known across the nooks and crannies of Lagos and beyond, for its uncommon humanitarian services, especially among the less privilege. A fortune changing organization independently aiding in cutting back the rising poverty level among the less privileged.

The narration caught the attention of Alhaja Shakirat Idowu, the conscientious CEO and Founder of the Organization. She immediately pledged to gift Elvis with a brand new expensive school bag which was on the organization’s page last week Wednesday. Out of her generosity the benevolent, selfless and industrious CEO went extra mile and pledged to gift Elvis a brand new shoe. As if that was not enough, Alhaja Shakirat Idowu took it upon herself to put an end to Elvis’s challenges. She immediately reposted the narration on her personal Facebook page.

The reposted narration also caught the attentions of many on her page, including famous Philanthropist and cheerful giver, Prince Idris Balogun Alias Oluomo Kafata. The man Oluomo Kafata is famous for his philosophy which is largely driven by the eternal and uncompromising dedication to the doctrine of generous welfarism. Honorable Oluomo Kafata immediately pledged to not just assist Elvis in pursuing his Education but also ever ready to financially assist Elvis’s aging grandmother.

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