Michelle Obama Shares Rare Family Photo Inside Stylish Home Office In Washington

The former First Lady of the United States lives with husband Barack Obama and their two daughters

The former First Lady of the United States shared a behind-the-scenes picture of the pair of them chatting inside what looked to be a makeshift studio in her home office at her house in Washington, where she stayed for the majority of the pandemic, before recently relocating to the family’s vineyard in Massachusetts. Loading video

What’s more, there were several nods to Michelle and Barack Obama‘s production company, Higher Ground, in the office, including a framed picture with the company’s logo hanging on the wall.

Michelle and Craig were also seen drinking out of Higher Ground mugs during their chat.

In the episode, the siblings opened up about their childhood growing up in Chicago and Craig even recalled the first time his sister let her family meet her then-boyfriend Barack.

He said: “You drove in your nice black Saab, and you were driving of course, and he gets out of the passenger side, and I remember the first thing mom said, ‘Oh, he’s tall, he’s kind of good looking.'”

What’s more, Michelle asked her brother to play some basketball with Barack so that he could “check out” his character, where he passed with flying colours.

Following the death of their father Fraser in 1991, Craig took on a paternal role. Michelle opened up about the time her brother reassured her when she told him her fears about Barack running for office.

“Having you assure me that this is going to be ok,” she said. “You were the one that said, ‘You married a guy who has this kind of ambition and this in his heart.'”

Michelle in her stylish dining room

Michelle and Craig have an incredibly close relationship, and in the mother-of-two’s memoir, Becoming, she gave her brother a special mention.

She wrote: “You have been my protector since the day I was born. You have made me laugh more than any other person on this earth.

Michelle with daughters Malia and Sasha

“You are the best brother a sister could ask for, a loving and caring son, husband, and father.”

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