It takes humility to conquer the world…

Obasanjo got to where he is because he presented himself as an unobtrusive person, he appeared dull, funny and non-ambitious. With this, he hid himself from likely venom and unhealthy contest from his mates in the military. While the outspoken ones struggled for positions and relevance with their brilliance, Obasanjo watched them from afar as an uninterested soldier. Story had it that while Benjamin Adekunle aka red scorpion used his legendary strength to cowed the Biafran soldiers during the civil war, it was an Obasanjo that effortlessly hoisted the Nigerian flag when the Biafran fighters surrendered. Also, when General Murtala Muhammed was assassinated and who to succeed him was on the top burner, a vintage Obasanjo flatly refused to present himself until he was forcefully prevailed upon to succeed his boss.

So was his voyage as the second democratically elected president in 1999, barely escaping the trapping of prison, the choice of who became the president fell on him even though he didn’t ask for it.

Now to my crux of my story, most young people present themselves as extremely too intelligent and puff unabashedly in arrogance. They are master analysers of people’s life and can give a module on how people should live their life. I have seen students telling their teachers how he should have taught, how leaders should govern or even speak. These set of people hardly find their footing in the circle of influence. Nothing distance people from you than excessive and unnecessary display of brilliance. A dull and unintelligent but humble person has a higher chance of getting hired than an intelligent person who puffs in arrogance – because employers are more at home with those who are humble and ready to learn. An arrogant person is a turn off to every employer.

As young people, let’s try to be less judgemental about the flaws and shortcomings of others, what they lack you have it, what you lack, they have it. Life is not a contest of all best, it’s a complementary template of existence where your strength strengthens the weakness of the other man. Only God is perfect. Frankly musing

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