Life, Times & Legacies Of Dr Jacob Abdullahi, Philantropist & MD Of Winners Diagnostic & Research Institute


By Omonu Nelson 

The Managing Director of Winners Diagnostic and Research Institute, Abuja, Dr Jacob Abdullahi, who died yesterday, is a man of many parts. Dr Abdullahi used his platform to restore hope to millions. 

He lived and died as a man rich in unparalleled indebutable generosity of spirit. He is full of compassion and ardent follower of Christ. Through his large-heartedness, many orphans, poor and vulnerable found meaning for life. For late Dr Abdullahi, life bears no meaning, if it has bearing with the well-being of the people, especially ordinary people. 

Dr Abdullahi is one of the pioneers of search for HIV cure in Nigeria. Throughout the last 20 years of Dr Abdullahi’s life, he insisted his winnicure herbal therapy was capable of permanently curing HIV/AIDS, a claim relevant authorities waved down as false and unverified.

The Winners Medical Diagnostic & Research Institute was established in 1998 with a view to undertaking a research into HIV/AIDS drug.

The result of the research is the drug called Winniecure, a herbal residue prepared from local herbs using standard scientific procedures for extraction and formulation.

Between April and August 1998, preliminary tests to determine the dosage and safety of Winniecure were carried out. Following these there are other WINNERS INVENTIONS…

The man, DR. Jacob J ABDULLAHI AIMLT, FCAI, FNYA, MMLS PhD hardly needs any introduction to scientists, all scientific institutions health institutions and associations worldwide. Such individuals, institutions, bodies and associations must have met with him or heard and read about him – especially his research findings- and are by now quite familiar with what he has done; is doing and/or is capable of doing in all his chosen fields of operation. Given his achievements so far in the fields of Medical Laboratory Science, and a researcher he has invented and developed the following drugs and cream:- his down to –earth on community development programmes, and therefore have no choice but to see in him, a man that is concerned about his people.

To be continued… 

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