The Making Of Next Attah Igala: Aju Ameacho Ruling Clan Nominates Prince Opaluwa Okoliko

The Aju Ameacho ruling clan has nominated Prince Opaluwa Okoliko to become the Attah Igala in kogi state. The stool became vacant following the death of His Royal Majesty, Idakwo Micheal Ameh Oboni, the Attah of Igala, few months ago.
The young Prince had worked in Banking, Aviation and Education Sectors over the years . He was said to be educated to a Masters Degree and other Professional Qualifications. The Eldest surviving persons of the Ruling House, his Royal Highness , Chief Ogobi Okpanachi Emeje and Alhaji Ibrahim Inah Abutu while speaking with newsmen in Lokoja over the weekend said this followed after series of consultations among members of the clan adding that the decision was in line with Kogi  State  Government Gazette on the selection of Attah Igala. Prince Opaluwa Okoliko has also been endorsed and recommended by Elders and members from the four (4) Ruling Houses which comprises of Aju Ameacho, Aju Akogu, Aju Akwu, and Aju Ocholi.
Lending voice to the endorsement Is Prince( Engr) Opaluwa Ayegba, the elder brother to Prince Opaluwa Okoliko.
Alhaji Ibrahim Ina Abutu who spoke on behalf of Aju Ameacho Ruling Clan said the clan was robbed of the throne in 1956 when they presented Prince Opaluwa Oguche ( the Grand Father of Prince Opaluwa Okoliko) for the stool of Attah Igala after going through the rituals of ascension instead His Royal Highness, Aliyu Obaje was installed from Aju Akwu  Ruling clan.
The same unfortunate incident according to him was played out in 2013, when Aju Ameacho clan  was also denied their right when they presented  His Royal Highness Peter Adobo Opaluwa  ( Father of Prince Opaluwa Okoliko ) to be the  Attah Igala but His Royal Majesty, Idakwo Micheal Ameh Oboni was later installed from the family of Aju Ocholi Ruling Clan. The Eldest Surviving Beaded Chief from Aju Ameacho clan who also Ogobi Okpanachi Emeje Spoke at the briefing said  by Law, there are Four Ruling Houses of the Atta Igala Dynasty .
The  Aju Ameacho has produced four (4)  Attahs, and ruled last in 1919 with Opaluwa Oguche Akpa as Atta (101 years ago) Aju Akwu clan  has produced five  (5 ) Attahs, ruled last in 2012 with Aliyu Obaje  ( 8 years ago) Aju Akogu clan  has produced five (5)  Attahs and ruled last in 1926 with Atta Atabo Ijomi  (94 years) Aju Ocholi clan has produced Six ( 6 ) Attahs with the last which is Micheal Idakwo Ameh which ruled last in 2020 ( diedThree months ago)
HRH Ogbobi maintained that for equity, fairness  and Justice the    Ameacho clan  who is  number one  in the rotation but has produced only four Attahs compared to others be favoured this time with Prince Opaluwa Okoliko as the right candidate. They  further explained that serial history of the injustice to Aju Ameacho clan needs to be corrected this time as elders have presented Prince Opaluwa Okoliko who is competent and qualified based on the Kogi State Government Gazette named Igala Area Traditional Council( Modification of Native  Law and Customs) order 2015 Schedule 12A,B, C and D ; 13, 14 and 15.
In a related development, the Igala Solidarity Front, ISF has called on the Kingmakers to enthroned Prince Opaluwa Okoliko as Attah Igala.
The group in a statement signed by its President , Dr. Godwin Abalaka Daikwo and the Secretary, Chief Gabriel Usman respectively and made available to journalists in Idah, headquarters of the Igala kingdom said having gone through the track records of all the contenders and x- rayed them critically it was concluded that Prince Opaluwa Okoliko is the right person to the throne.
Prince Opaluwa Okoliko, the people’s choice for the next Attah Igala The Group therefore appealed that it will be unfair to the Igala People if a person who has exhausted his service years is brought to retire into the highly demanding office. The group who congratulated the Prince Okoliko Opaluwa for his endorsement by the ruling houses urged the Kingmakers to be judicious in their deliberations.

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