The power of Northern Nigeria lies in the fact that, despite their internal differences, the people of that region are united when it comes to achieving their political aspirations in the wider Nigerian state. That is why they have been in control since 1960.

Southerners do not value unity and neither do they recognise the wisdom, virtues and power that lie in it.
That is why they always loose and end up whining about persecution, ill-treatment, ill-fortune and marginalisation.

It is Southern indiscipline, weakness and lack of foresight more than anything else that has given rise to Northern supremacy and hegemony in the Nigerian state.

It follows that Southern leaders, who spend all their time and days trying to undermine and destroy one another rather than forge a common front, are the greatest architects of the failures and ultimate doom of their own people.

It is not the north that made us second class citizens in our motherland: we alone must take the blame for that because deep down we hate, despise and resent one another.

Until the south is united and until Southern leaders stand together as one the South will continue to loose to the North in the power configuration in Nigeria. This is the bitter truth.

Until we stop seeing an Igbo, Yoruba, Ijaw or Uruhobo man and instead begin to see a Southern man in his place, we are not going anywhere and neither can we achieve anything.

Southern unity is a precondition or condition precedent to Southern emancipation. Without it we shall all be slaves for the next 100 years.

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