Sam Nda-Isaiah Was A Consumate Risk Taker -IBB

…A Bridge Builder, Passionate, Pan Nigerian, Intellectually Sagacious 

The former military president, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida has described the late publisher of LEADERSHIP and National Economy Newspapers as a man of unparalleled love for Nigeria, a bridge builder and intellectual capacity. 
The former leader said this in a tribute. He emphasized that Sam’s death left a huge vaccum that is difficult to fill. According the statesman, Sam’s demise came at a time his engaging mind is most needed to shape national discourse. 
“It is painful that death could snatch Sam, at a time when greater responsibility was to fall on his shoulders to help shape public discourse and help the country finds its bearing. 
“The generation of Sam Nda-Isaiah is one that is presently vested with the responsibility to drive national narrative and provoke initiatives that could take us out of national political darkness.”
In Sam Nda-Isaiah, Gen Babangida maintained, a friend and dependable allies is lost. He particularly praised Nda-Isaiah’s ability to manage diverse ideological divides. 
“We stand to miss a lot about him: his solidarity with friends, his ability to manage people from diversed ideological leanings, his ability to manage persons of different political persuasions and his uncommon capacity to stay connected to his array of friends across social and political divides without betraying any sentiments.”
He described Nda-Isaiah as a bridge builder and a pan-Nigerian mind who found joy in taking new initiatives, breaking new grounds and taking great risks. 
The gap toothed general revealed that Sam, was one Nigerian who was very passionate about happenings in the country, particularly our present challenges of insecurity and economic conundrum. 
“He always expressed worries about the declining state of affairs in the country and each time we had cause to interact, his often repeated question was always; ” Sir, what is the way out?. How do we move forward and address the insecurity in the country”?. 
“At some other times, when he needed us to interrogate issues, he would find his way to my home in Minna. I saw in him a Nigerian who was genuinely concerned about the failings in our system, and was prepared to engage anyone who could offer some insights into finding permanent solutions.”
Gen Babangida said he made it a point of duty to regularly engage with Sam, especially, when he needed to share and contest ideas.”Sam was profoundly argumentative, bold, interrogative, punchy and no-holds-bar each time we interacted. 
“He hardly conceded to viewpoints except they appear convincing and unassailable. He was deep in ideas, deep in intellect, deep in elocution and delivery.”

Signed…General I. B. Babangida, GCFR.Former Military President. 

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