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Promoting Creativity

To say Nigerians are naturally endowed with talents and creativity is understatement. The most populous black nation around the world indeed breed and harbor young talented and creative minds whose potentials is boundless across different works of life. So much talents that if identify and appreciated, our dear country will be buoyant enough to bye farewell to importation of foreign manufactured goods.

The locally sew beach hat on my head is an evidence that home made products are more qualitative, durable, culturally rich, attractive and less-expensive compare to the foreign imported ones we patronize on daily basis with astronomical price tags. A product of a gifted hand ‘Lizzy Best Fashion World’. It is purely made from Ankara attires.This is one of the magical brains our country got. Aside the creativity in making such hat, promoting this work will help to encourage other creative minds to come up with different things across various areas of interest. It will also assist Nigeria in properly harnessing her potentials to boast local production for further exportation. It will attract our idle youth to venture into skills acquisitions and entrepreneurship, which will in turn reduce level of unemployment among our youth.

AlhajaAlhajaAlhajaAlhaja Idowu Rosulu Shakirat
CEO, Salamotu Dosumu Skills Acquisition Foundation

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