Salamotu Dosumu Foundation: The Journey So Far And The Tasks Ahead

As the year 2020 wind up in a grand style, Salamotu Dosumu Skills Acquisition Foundation flashback into time to reflect on its accomplishments in the year 2020, and look forward to attaining greater milestones as we march into 2021 with more lives impacting goals and objectives.

Though the year 2020 came with bittersweet experiences as the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic hindered many of our set out objectives from manifesting. Nevertheless, the successes recorded are quite satisfactory. Across the 37 Local Government Areas in Lagos State, Salamotu Dosumu Skills Acquisitions Foundation succeeded in training thousands of vulnerable and less privilege inhabitants in different skills and equipped them with all the require tools to set up their own independent businessea with no monetary charges. Beneficiaries were trained on different skills of their choice with specialists and experts across different skills anchoring the learning processes, coaching apprentices on how to master those skills. The various skills include but not limited to soap making, cake baking, catering, tailoring, hair dressing, tie and dye, photography, shoe making, event decorations, makeups and many more. Indeed pictures paints million words. Evidence of these trainings abound in the pictures attach to this post.

Going into the new year 2021, Salamotu Dosumu Foundation Skills Acquisitions Foundation aspire to contribute more through skills acquisitions, entrepreneurship and youth empowerment to enhance overall social development. Arising from The CEOs’ righteous anger over the increasing level of out of school children parading major highways as car cleaners in disguise, Salamotu Dosumu Skills Acquisition Foundation has placed at the top of its 2021 ambitious projects an agenda that will take thousands of vulnerable and less privilege children off the streets. The Foundation has equally prioritize the need venture into promoting talents and creativity specifically in Ankara attires design.Wishing our esteemed followers a hinge free and prosperous new year with avalanche of accomplishments.

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