1. This is our Year of Showers of Blessings.
    God told me twice that there is going to be Physical RAIN both in Raining Season and Dry season. Heavy down pour thereby Boasting Agriculture and bringing down food price this year.
  2. My Dear Governor Yahaya Bello, Don’t go into the race of Running the Election of Presidency as some people are trying to push you. God has given you another Office. Soon you will Understand. They will push you, Eat your resources and Help you to fail. You are going further but not Presidency. Remember when The LORD told me that who the INEC declared winner is Who the Court will declare winner.
  3. The Youth to protest Again. I advice, Let them run away from violent and Protest in time like this. We need GOD!
  4. Emergency youth Job Creation by the Government to calm a “SITUATION” Down. Youth Celebrating!
  5. Nigerians Flag lowered.
    Let’s pray for our Dear Leaders!
  6. The Government of KOGI State should Please give attention to bye pass road because of this year’s Flood. It is coming AGAIN. Doing this roads will or may give them political acceptance and favour in the nearest Future.
  7. A new Discovery of Crude oil in a less expected State in Nigeria.
  8. Deadly disease to appear this year but not in KOGI, not In Nigeria Not in South Africa.
  9. Many politicians will try to fly to another country but they will be banned, Captured and Imprison this year.
  10. I see foreign Investors coming into the Country this year.
  11. I see more Privatization.
  12. True God’s Servants will Expirience The Help Of GOD and the Out Pour of Revivals in Divers Dimensions. The Fake men will be Jailed and Others Exposed and others Fold Up. God said… I am not The Father of Corruption or falsehood!
  13. PDP will return to Government But Not Now. This will happen
    1. When they seek GOD deeper
    2. When they go into party Amalgamation with a New Name.
  14. Pray for our Air lines. I see many workers flushed out and this will affect the aviation Industry.
  15. Actors and Actresses…. It is time to know GOD. Infact Entertainment industry at large. Strange things to happen.
  16. Big Money Discovered in A place in Nigeria. I pray the person that revealed this should be compensated and the Money used for Nigerians.
  17. There is going to be a Sign in the Cloud. This will not be a rumour. Many will see. Heart will melt. Repentance will be Real and Revival will Burst Out like Fire. Christ is Coming Soon.

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