Point Blank By Abdulrahman Abu Hamisu

A lot has been said about Trump and his last minutes efforts to subvert the ‘wishes’ of American ‘electorates’ the same way alot has been said about is impulsive nature and character. 
Some points to his arrogance and obstinate nature. Others were appalled by his use of his office to cover is behind the tables deals of the past. These are all true to some certain extent. One thing Trump never deed is to go to war or support criminal elements in foreign countries in order to gain access to the wealth of these nations.
It is a fact that Trump never destroyed a thriving country like Libya the same Obama and Hillary Clinton did destroyed. 
Most of the aggravated security challenge we are facing today is as a result of the ousting of Ghadaffi, attempted removal of Assad of Syria and the escalated war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Others include effect of removing Ghadaffi on Mali. 
Mali was affected because most of the fighters recruited by the West to remove were mainly from the Tuaregs of Mali. Sophisiticated arms move freely from these countries into the hands of our own home grown insurgents, bandits, kidnappers and other criminal elements. No thanks to our son, Obama and his accomplice, Hillary Clinton. 
It is sad that people are not given to critical reasoning. All what Hillary accused Trump of in that video that is currently circulating are all Obama and Hillary practiced throughout their tenure. 
Lastly, God knows I’m not a lover of Trump. But fairness demands that we are just in our assessment of others even if we don’t like them or what they represent.

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