By: Adeboh Jonathan Smart

With a heart ladened with loads of thoughts and a heart soaked in tears unimaginable, I make bold to drop this piece for the world to see and feel our pains in the Eastern part of KOGI STATE.

Indeed when the land is soiled with blood especially that of the innocents, absurdity, calamity and irreversible consequences befall such land but herein lies a solemn unanswered question “can’t anything be done to avert these dire land consuming consequences”? The land of AYEGBA OMA IDOKO cries so loud that even the deaf now hears. What should we collectively do?

IGALA LAND that some of us grew to meet and with stories told by our fathers and even their fathers is never known for what we now see and hear of. It is hard for a day to now pass in the once peaceful Igala land that you won’t hear of killings, fighting and murder perpetrated by same sons of the soil who naturally are supposedly bonded by love for the land. The IGALA LAND of our dreams is retrogressively sliding off it’s course of plan because we all have become MUTE over the night. Is there anything else controlling us? I ask.

The SILENCE over the years for acts capable of gearing us into action amazes me. Sons and daughters of ANE AYEGBA OMA IDOKO who I their various lines struggles to better our land get murderd and all they will get is just a 2 or 3 days lines of condolences and then fade up to history without the necessary action to curb possible reoccurrence? What is happening to us as a race? Who has Bewitched us as IGALAS? Have we suddenly become dumb and inadvertently caged? Or is this truly a conspiracy of SILENCE? With tears I ask us all these soul aching questions……

In the history and culture of IGALA LAND before this so called civilization and maybe the conspiracy of silence as propelled by either Politics or Religion if absurdity and sacrilegious happenings creeps into the land, elders of the land gather, make findings, proofer solutions, cleans the land. These needful now absconded restore the needed peace back to the land but today, reverse of course with a jet speed is the case. IGALAS now KILL each other, we now harbour hatred and plot evil against ourselves, IGALAS now hunt themselves….. Oh! What a shame? What befell us? Who did this to us?

I will with respect to this piece talk about the recent murder of OGACHEKO an ambassador and a crude expertise who in Love for his land flew across borders to his home town to celebrate with his people and enjoy the Yuletide season with family in his own Land. Little did he know it was his last smile to his land. What could he have done that is beyond forgiveness? Who did he wrong? Why not teach him a lesson instead? Ogacheko wasn’t murdered in Saudi Arabia but at IDAH his hometown…. Oh! What a shame on us all. When this last incident happened, we were all thrown agog. Dismayed at the level of our heartlessness and cheer wickedness of man to man. We thought individuals and even the Government will rise into action to bring perpetrators to book, but as I write, these animals in human skin walks freely in town with shoulders high of course for achieving their aim for probably for completing their paid assignment. KOGI STATE GOVERNMENT is this a deliberate silence or something maybe diabolical is dragging us back? Let’s say the Silence from the Government is deliberate, what about us Individuals? Elites? Well to do’s? Voices? Activists? Analysts? Cultural and sociocultural groups? Peer groups? Constituted authorities? Are we all still SILENT? Shame on us all.

IGALAS ARISE. Arise let’s take up this battle for our land. Even if we don’t live to enjoy the peace we are fighting for, what about our children or even their own children? ARISE oh IGALAS. Who goes down next is what we all should ask ourselves. WHO IS NEXT? WHO??

This is a fight for all. Fight for yourself, fight for our land, for our name aa Igalas. Fight….. Fight…. I say again, Fight.

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