After surveying most political and economic arguments for and against property, Alan Ryan, in his book titled Property concluded that “There is no Golden Age behind or before us, only endless argument and experiment”. If this is true, why should we confine ourselves to the present, a present that only gave us insecurity rather than security? This question is dedicated to the proponents of liberal democracy that felt countries cannot develop without it.

Did Singapore, China, Indonesian, and host of developing countries achieve development through liberal democracy? No.

I hope most of my brothers staking their necks for liberal democracy are not mistaking elections for democracy? If it is election that is democrach, Nigeria should be the most advanced democracy in the world.

Despite the rituals of eletions, is Nigeria developing? In fact, it is under democracy that are insecure. From bandits to Boko Haram terrorism. Under Shagari, it was Maitatsine. Liberalisation under Babangida brought upon the country SAP riot and we still continue to implement neoliberalism under the guise of liberal democracy. Is something wrong with us?

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