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How Motor Boy, Friend, Killed And Stole Truck Laden With 900 Bags Of Cement In Edo

That night, they ate indomie together in the motor boy’s mother’s house. When the truck driver was leaving, he gave his friend, who was his former motor boy, five thousand naira to take his sick mum to hospital for laboratory test, promising to see what he can do, upon his return from Kano trip. Little did the truck  driver know that he was dealing with a devil incarnate and digging his own grave. 

Last week, a young truck driver had loaded 900 bags of cement meant to be delivered to a customer in kano. He had set to leave the next morning and left the truck with his motor boy to watch over till he joins him the next day for the trip. For the motor boy, the trip was to be his second as an apprentice. 

That evening, he had two of his friends who were with him throughout the loading. They all went home after close of work, leaving behind the motor boy alone at the industrial parking lot. They ate, drank together and parted ways at about 10pm that night. He even tipped them before they both left for their respective homes.
The heart of men is desperately wicked without cure. Haven shown this level of generosity and kindness to his ‘undesirable element’ friends, how was he to expect he was romancing with devil incarnates. hHs supposed friends had hatched a sinister plot to kill his boy and disposes him of the truck after negotiating with an intended buyer in Lagos to sell both the truck and goods to. 
The next morning, these young men, still in their early 20s, got to the location where the truck was parked and told the motor boy that his boss had directed them to help him deliver the goods for him. They collected the truck keys from him and told him that his boss asked him to come with them. 
The poor and ignorant child was unaware of the fate that awaits him, orchestrated by his master’s dare devil friends. Alas, out of trust and confidence that after all, these are my master’s friend, didn’t thought it necessary to call to clarify from his master. It was his last day on earth. 
They lured the innocent child into a nearby bush path, where they shot him, dumped his lifeless body and left. They ran back to where the truck was parked and made way for Lagos.
Unfortunately, they ran out of luck when they got to Benin; they had lost 6 tyres while trying to maneuver the ramps that connect the bridge at the Benin bypass.  
They hurriedly sold part of the gas in the truck to replace the lost tyres to enable them continue the trip.
By the time driver got to the park and discovered that his motor boy and the truck were missing, he alarted his employers. Luckily for him, these desperate dare-devil criminals couldn’t diactivate or where not aware there is a  tracker on the truck. This made it easy for the truck to be tracked to Benin, where one of the suspects was caught, while the other one is still at large. 
The arrested suspect confessed days later and took the police to the location where the decomposing corpse of the motor boy was recovered.
While the other suspect is still on the run, the young man in this picture has been taken to state police command in Benin where further investigations are on going. 
If I didn’t know any of these kids, I would have found it very difficult to believe this terrible story. They are young men who live around us, who sometimes come around to say hello. 

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