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IGALA WAS WOUNDED Ogijo dunyi ka che ma chi moto n

By Ocholi Odekina

Suddenly a blow was done to the headship .Soon the body dances headlessly before the enemies of our nationhood. While the headless body continues to grope in limbo and the scattered piece  battles for self gratification, the culprits of our injuries continue to perfect the mechanism for planting a headship undeserving. We complain, wail and fight for personal gains and glory but leave our collective glory to our enemies to  share.There’s a sound of terror so far but near. There’s a cry of humiliation and shame so real but hard to be acknowledged .How can we not recognise the enemy’s crafted gown of annihilation and so desire to take it for a gift? Our land bleeds to quench the rivers of innocent blood shared by the enemies of our survival. There was a centre we all belong , a place where the cake is maliciously shared ; now that our crown is taken away from their midst and the ancient crown subdued in the dance of blindness and greedy quest. How can we now be counted to count? How can we bury our glory when theirs is on parade?Oh Igala, my Igala What I see is heavy, the larger house is at war yet we engage in internal squabbles. The enemies siege smells like the neighbour’s fouled air. How much again can we repeat the over half a century class?Does God make mistakes ?When a Moses exits, why fight a Joshua from emerging? In words of the legendary Bob Marley, “how long shall we kill our prophets while we stand aside and look? “There’s war ahead and we must need a Joshua to take us to the promised land. Caution, caution my bloods, caution.  By grace I see from afar, I see the hands of betrayals cut short. I see their gowns removed. I see them loose what they try to protect. We must rise and remove the garments of self gratification. We must fight and war in unity. We must move and fly in unity.Igala must war to prevail. We are stronger together! 
Let there be light! 
Apostle Ocholi E Odekina Author, Ane”Gala, the Prophetic Angle and convener, Ane Igala Restoration  (AIR )Writers  from Abuja, Nigeria.

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