When Love Goes Wrong, Domestic Violence Becomes Inescapable By Comr Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu

Even if I will deny myself anything on social media, definitely not the testimony of what I witness with my own eyes. Yesterday being Friday, I returned home from Juma’at prayer very tired. So instead of my usual way of chatting with friends outside my house, I choose to retire from mosque straight to my room to take a nap. Barely 15 minutes into my sleep, a thunderous scream interrupted my deep slumber. It was my next door neighbor provokingly smashing (beating) his beloved wife for the first time while their 5 years old daughter panic in anguish.
The man threw himself upon his wife and stripped her almost naked, and began to beat her so hard that I had to restrain him. I don’t know what might have happened if I had not dragged the husband off.
With a sudden burst of anger, I do not know when I called the husband a coward for having the courage to raise his hand on the mother of his only child. I however, became rudely shocked and dumbfounded when the husband narrated his own side of the story. He was at the verge of securing a lofty plumbing contract when the wife called him on phone and demand his presence at home with immediate alacrity. He hurriedly board a bike, and almost  get knocked down by heavy truck while hasten to get home as the wife panic on phone. He said a lot of thoughts cross is mind regarding such emergency call, only to get home and find his wife smiling. That the call was just a mere need to have him at home as she missed his fond company. The husband was soaked in tears, lamenting how he had escape death at the whisker. I ask him for forgiveness for my hasty words.
I illustrate the plight of this couples because I felt there is need for wives to stop indulging in heart provocating acts that will frustrate their men enough to seek solace in beating them. It is equally important that men device a temper management disposition.

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