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FLASHBACK literature


She told me that if I ever leave her, she’ll never be happy with me!. That she has given me her heart and I should take care of it and love her whole heartedly. These I did with utmost sincerity and loved her like my life depended on it.

It all started when I sighted her picture on Facebook I was delighted and said within me, this is my girl. I reached out to her we got talking and we became very close. She was genuine, cos she called me on her own and we spent lots of minutes talking on the phone. Something you don’t normally get from just a friend you met barely a week ago.

I already fell in love and made my intentions known to her and after few weeks of really getting much more closer, she agreed to be my girl.

One thing I didn’t mention was that she was still in a Boarding House and already into her final Exams she was 18 and I was already in my year 3 at the Uni. I really meant well for her and not to take advantage of her. Perfect match for marriage. I had already thought about how we are going to live happily ever after.

I was so much in love with her. I loved her with all of my heart after giving me assurance that she was never gonna leave but rather I was the one who would. She told me that if I ever do, she was never going to be happy with me.

Long story short, she went back to school and we lost communication which is expected for any one in a boarding house. but I believed we had something genuinely rooted and without my communications to water it, it will not wither away. Only if I had known.


She came back the next holiday and never bother telling me. Unlike her, she’ll message and call me but she never did.


She had already fallen in love with her School Teacher who had promised to marry her.

She didn’t tell me this imediately, untill after a long while of consistently asking her what were my offences.

I was heart broken for real but I truly love her from the purest part of my heart.

I cried within my heart and I went hollow after passing through this so much sorrow.

I read the book of Lamentations morning and night.

I hated her but it couldn’t hold water cos I still loved her.

I was young too and I learnt my lessons.

Heart breaks indeed really hurts.

What are your heart break experience?

Kindly share.

Musa Omachoko Matthew

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