“IMPOSSIBLE is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion, Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential, impossible is temporary, impossible is nothing.”
Years ago, if our fore fathers were told that a day would come when something called aeroplane which will easily transport people fast to other parts of the world and people will not have to trek a long distance like them or use animals for transportation, they wouldn’t have agreed or seen the possibility of that. If they were also told that, one day  there will be something called phone which will make communication easy and fast across the world, they wouldn’t still believe. But today, these things and many more which were never thought of or believed to be possible are here with us.
There are many things which we have been told too but we never saw the possibility  but today they are reality before us and we live with them. Sometimes, there are levels we never believe we will get to or achievements we never believe we will make.
The point here is, there is nothing impossible except we don’t try.  Yes except we don’t try!  I remember years back, if I was told I will be a graduate today, I will never believe it.  I never thought I would ever go to beyond secondary school in my educational level. My thought  always was, who will sponsor me through. This is because of the economic background and conditions of my family. I love to go to school and get a degree but I never saw the possibility. But thanks to my mentor Engr. John Sani Engbonye  (PhD) 
My mentor will always ask me to go write JAMB and seek admission, my excuse to him always was : “who will sponsor me if I gain admission “. He will always reply me by saying, “go get the admission first, then let’s see if you wouldn’t have a sponsor. But get the admission first and if you couldn’t get a sponsor, your admission letter will  serve as an evidence that you got admission but didn’t have a sponsor, in case anyone will want to mock you in future of not going to school “. Truly in 2015 I got admission into the university. Do you know the funny thing,  it is those I never thought would ever contribute anything that sponsored me through out school. The least expected persons. And now I’m a graduate by God’s grace.
You see, we are always surrounded by the thought of impossibility in our life. Impossibility just like fear is a shadow. Truly there is nothing impossible only if we don’t try. If the Wright brothers were not seeing the possibility of having a big “mechanical” bird flying one day,  we wouldn’t have had aeroplanes today. If they would have listened to the various discouragements from those who saw impossibility in their project, they wouldn’t have made it. 
We all have the opportunity to make differences in our lives and that of others around us if we chose to try by making use of our talents and ceasing the opportunities that are available to us. Today , if not for Mrs Adewole Temilolu Olubusola   who I met on Facebook and she indirectly motivated me and directed me( she never know how much contribution she had made to my life, thanks ma’am) and Comr Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu who saw the possibility and encouraged me,    I wouldn’t have believed to be a writer or try to explore my writing skills. The important idea is to stop wandering and identify your areas of strength where you can live a more happier and contributing life.  Explore your potentials.
The only challenge is to begin today by taking  bold steps. The time to take that step is NOW! 
Yes we will have discouragements.  Yes we will have those who don’t believe or see impossibility in what we want to do. That shouldn’t stop us. 
Take that step today. Make that impossible possible!

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