Hello everyone here. My name is Amb Ayegba Abdullahi Adojoh, the General Ambassador of Igala Nation Worldwide. Yes, Igala is an extremely ethnic group and a great Kingdom of Nigeria having her headquarters in Idah, Kogi state.
And do you know what? We are descedants of Ata, the 4th Pharaoh of the first dynasty Pharaohs. He ruled from 3000- 2990 BC, and after his name we have the title of our king, Attah Igala (Please Google “evidence of Igala migration from Egypt” and “Igala: The original rules of Ancient Egypt” by Amb Ayegba).
But that is not all. I have being in the palace of the king of Igala Nation worldwide since 2014. My role? To search for the locations of indigenous Igala people outside Kogi state and Nigeria and reconect them home especially to king, Attah Igala himself.
Interestingly, I and my team (United Igala Kingdom team) have achieved a lot within and outside Nigeria. And so, were you told before that your ancestors were Igala or your people migrated from Igala area of Kogi state or any indigenous Igala communities across Nigeria to outside Nigeria or your DNA test has revealed Igala link or you are practicing Igala religion, culture or Ifa in your area presently? If yes, do you want to be reconected to the headquarters of Igala Nation as well as the palace of Attah Igala, the king of the ancient and great Igala Kingdom? If yes, send me a private message let’s discuss. You are welcome to the United Igala Kingdom. This is my work, and am happy doing it till date.

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