Honest Nigerian Lady Returns Money a Company she didn’t work for mistakenly paid into her account

A honest woman has returned money mistakenly paid into her account by a company she didn’t work for.

Chinwendu Ogbonna revealed she applied to work with the company and did the necessary documentation but ended up not taking the job.

However, at the end of the month, when other staff of the company were being paid, her account was also credited.

Seeing that she didn’t work for the money, Chinwendu decided to pay back the money to the company even though they hadn’t called her back to ask for it.

Sharing a screenshot of her statement of account, she wrot

 I have been in lagos for some months in search for job, I have applied for jobs and still applying for jobs, gone for interviews and then in April I got a job as a telesales representative with a Fintech #Opay Nigeria through an outsourcing firm #HR INDEXX. I already filled in some of my details in which my account details was part of but for some reasons I couldn’t take the job offer. 

People who took the job offer are 1month on the job and were paid salary for the first month yesterday, I also got a credit alert meaning I was paid by the outsourcing firm for a job I did not do.

 I have waited for the transaction to be reversed or to get a call from HR INDEXX but none seems to be coming forth. Therefore am going to the outsourcing firm today to return the money and to let them correct their payroll. 

NO, I haven’t gotten a job yet, am still unemployed and searching. 

NO, I didn’t get salary from any source in the last month which means I need money but my desperation for a source of income will not rule out the conscious need to keep my integrity for the long run. 

Yes I am a Nigerian.

Yes I am an Igbo girl

Yes Nigerians still up hold integrity.

PS: kindly share, this might be a source of inspiration to someone out there. 

Honest Nigerian woman returns money a company she didn
Honest Nigerian woman returns money a company she didn

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