Group Impassonates President Buhari, Invades Chinese Factory, Exorts 2 Million Naira

Chinese Company Sues Group Over Extortion, Invasion Of Premises
A Youth Group, The Pan African United Youth Development Network has been accused of impassonating President Muhammadu Buhari in order to extort the sum of two million Naira from a Chinese Company. 

Meanwhile, BIN Ceramic Industry, a Chinese owned company have sued The Pan African United Youth Development Network over extortion and invasion of the company’s factory premises, located at Itobe, Ajaokuta Local Government of Kogi State.
In an affidavit deposed before an Abuja Federal High Court by Kemi Esene of Akinlolu Kehinde SAN & Co, BIN Ceramics explained that it received a letter, requesting for a courtesy visit from Amb Habib Mohammed, President of The Pan African United Youth Development Network, on the 5th January 2021, a letter to which the company declined response. 
The group fowarded a followed up letter, dated 12th January, 2021, to the organization, reminding it of the earlier letter of request for a courtesy call. But the company insisted it was within its constitutional power to accept request for courtesy call from individuals or non regulatory entities. 
A court document made available to newsmen revealed that on the 20th January, 2021, Amb Habib Mohammed and Amb Yara Yarr, president and secretary general of The Pan African United Youth Development Network led Reporters from African Independent Television (AIT), Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Channels Television and Sahara Reporters to forcefully gain entrance into the premises of the company. 
“Issues got a head, a week later, on 20th January, 2021, when the company recieved a call from an unknown number, claiming to be from the presidential villa, Abuja, informing it that some people from the presidential villa were coming to BIN Ceramics. 
“At about 2:00pm of the same day, the Youth Group in company of some prominent journalists forced their way into the premises thereby hampering the operation of the company. While the seige lasted, no one could either go out or enter the company’s premises.”

Responding to questions on their motives, the group claimed to have recieved petition against the company and that they were sent by President Muhammadu Buhari to enquire the validity of the issues raised in the petition but they were unable to provide any concrete evidence to support their claims. 
The group took laws into their hands by conducting search on the offices and factory. They also interrogated Staff of the company. While the seige and search lasted, the group ensured that the accompanied media organisations document everything done. For instance they claimed that the company was feeding the workers with the same water the company was using for production. 
The invaders threatened to shut down the factory, “The sum of ten million Naira (10,000,000.00) is not paid to the President of the group, Amb Habib Mohammed. In addition, they also demanded that 10 percent of the company’s monthly profit be paid to the group, in addition to a bus, ambulance and medical equipment to he given to them. 
“Fearing further loss and because of increased threat from the invaders, they coerced the company into paying them the sum of two million Naira. 
The altercation was said to have lasted four hours, causing psychological trauma to the Staff and heavy financial lost apart from the amount extorted. 
This sad development is coming at a time the Federal Government is intensifying efforts at attracting Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), and oiling ease of doing business. 

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