The Making Next Agabaidu

Too Many Injustice Against Ame-acho Clan Of The Atta Igala Dynasty

Ogwuche Akpa, the last Atta Igala from Ame-acho Clan of the Atta Igala Dynasty on horseback on 1st August, 1913

Per: Charles Partridge.

Ogwuche reigned from 1911 and died in 1919. It is now 102 years since Ame-acho last produced an Attah.

In 1956, Ogwuche’s son, Opaluwa Ogwuche was appointed by Igalamela Kingmakers and he even went ahead to pierce his ears but upon arrival at the palace, he met a “government sanctioned” Atta in the person of Ali Otulukpe Obaje.

When Ali died in 2012, Ogwuche’s grandson, Adebo Opaluwa also contested keenly for the throne but lost to Idakwo Ameh who just died in 2020.

This picture was sourced from the facebook page of Angela Gabriel.

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