Possible problem from Dangote in few years to come.(Monopoly)

In South Africa, there are many private Refineries. The South Africa Government only tell the Private Refineries the price to sell. You will never sight any fuel queue, since the Refinery are more than one both “active ” Government owned and Private Refineries there will be no Monopoly in oil and Gas in South Africa.
Monopoly in Refinery operations are drastically handled in South Africa.

Let’s peep into the major operations of Dangote in Nigeria before I discuss the possible problems ahead.

Dangote controls the cement production in Nigeria, Cement is turning gold status in Nigeria. despite we have all the raw materials for productions in Nigeria of which no single material are been imported Expect the Trailers that transport the cements. The price of Cement is still unbearable for citizens to buy/bear.
The Government can help raise other organizations to enable competition in Cement productions by policies for the betterments of the citizens.

Is good to expand and explore every available opportunity in Business, but once a single body/firm has major control on a Nation most consumed commodities, the Government should indirectly influence the market or enable competition on that particular commodities to save the citizen’s interest. if the Government really want to represent people/citizens.

The possible problem from Dangote in few years to come.

Nigeria owned Refineries are not functioning to half of it capacity. Dangote Refinery will soon start mega operations in aspect oil and gas in Nigeria.

That makes Dangote Refinery the major grandmaster in oil and Gas Market in Nigeria. Definitely, the price structure will be jeopardize.

Put together all the Government owned Refineries in Nigeria, the functioning strength are not up to Dangote Refinery in Lagos State. (under construction). Meanwhile, Kaduna Refinery is not in operation.
With this analysis below, why will monopoly in Oil and Gas will not hold Nigerians to ransom as cement hold Citizens to ransom?

Kaduna Refinery: (Government owned Refinery) 110,000 bbl/d (17,000 m3/d)
Port Harcourt Refinery: (Government owned Refinery) 210,000 bbl/d (33,000 m3/d)
Warri Refinery: (Government owned Refinery) 125,000 bbl/d (19,900 m3/d)
Dangote Refinery: (Dangote Group), 650,000 bbl/d (103,000 m3/d) – (Under Construction).

The rightful Agencies should please do the needful.
The Nigeria Government should please rescue the citizens from monopoly. The impact of monopoly in critical commodities in the Nation is hurting the citizens.
Remember, I love you all.

By: Artificial Intelligence View Round.

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