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Race To Make Anambra Great Again: Ozigbo, The Man, Whom The Cap Fits

By Isaac Michael 

Valentine Ozigbo is the immediate past President, Group CEO of Transcorp Plc, the major contender, front runner in the governorship race of Anambra state and the Founder of Valentine Chineto Ozigbo (VCO) Foundation, one of Nigeria’s leading non-profit organisations in Nigeria, focused on empowering women and youth, and mentoring future leaders.
Ozigbo speaking recently in Anambra State has emphasized the importance of cutting cost of governance, especially in a period of economic uncertainty, Also, he reeled out some policy prescriptions which if implemented, will cause the State to thrive for a “shared prosperity and progress”. 
Ozigbo said “If we can cut waste and direct these funds to areas wherein they would be more impactful and valuable, we would be on the right track to development”. 
“We need to fix our schools, roads, health sectors, and create social safety nets for our people and to achieve these, public funds must be channelled to the right projects.
Ozigbo stance in the delivery of good governance and making Anambra State great again attracted me to him, as he combines deep seated leadership qualities, capacity, humility and greatness fused in almost equal measure. His eloquence and dexterity of purpose towards fighting for the good people of Anambra State has won several hearts, including mine, because of his stance in the delivering of good governance has successfully caused joyful bewilderment among the good people of Anambra state, he must have been inspired himself to vie for the governorship seat by the core areas his administration would rest on and the significant achievements he recorded across all his past responsibilities he has embarked upon.
Ozigbo remarked that prudence in resource management is essential to any organisation or institution’s progress and governance is not exempt. 
There’s no doubt that people live in difficult times, but there is Valentine Ozigbo out there doing his best to ameliorate the sufferings of  the people. Ozigbo is one who will surely bring good tidings to Anambra State that is gradually being alienated to everything that is good for development and instead of unleashing an avalanche of criticisms on him, it is expedient for all Anambrarians to support Ozigbo, who is a shining candle light of hope to the good people of state whose indigenes future is engrossed in despair, uncertainty and hopelessness due to bad governance. Anambra state is an unfinished task and it is advisable that those who criticise should focus their criticisms against ending bad governance that has relegated them to the backwaters of development.
Ozigbo, further, asserted that for Anambra State to record a significant leap in the quality of governance, it needs a prudent leader who would manage the resources of the state using modern financial management tools.

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